Coming to Austin, Tx was the best decision I have ever made. I made the move in 2015 (which seems just like yesterday) and decided to actually hustle for the business I had created. I was a very new Believer at this point in my life and the priorities I had for my business were much different than what they are now. My goal was to build up myself, not God. In the midst of these detrimental priorities, I named my business after myself - Weddings By Robbins. Business started to grow, and so did my faith. Though both were growing at the same time, I noticed that they were headed in different directions. My business was storing up perishable wealth and recognition here on earth while my faith was storing up everlasting treasures in Heaven.

I was in a constant struggle with myself about the way I acted in front of other wedding professionals as well as brides. I didn't necessarily want to make my faith known, because I thought "This is a conversation of business, not religion. Your faith isn't necessary here." Boy, was I wrong. Comparison is the thief of joy, and in my industry, theres a ton of it. There is an overlaying tone of friendship between professionals but, at least for me, behind closed doors I would compare myself and try to think up ways to be better than them. "If I can just find a neater place to take my photos, then mine will look as good as hers," "If I only had enough money to buy that expensive variety of flowers, well, then my designs would be as good as hers."

This constant comparison (predominantly on social media) wore away at my sense of worth. Why didn't I like my work as much as I liked that designer's? I finally came to my senses (thank God) and realized how selfish I was being. I wanted people to praise me for my art, to think of me as the most creative person they knew, to think that I was the best. Me.. me.. me.

But God didn't give me my gifts so that I could be selfish with them. He didn't offer me grace so that I could turn to others with jealousy. He didn't allow my success for me to take the credit for it. He did these things so that while participating in the blessings he has given me I could treat others with love and kindness, serve people, and glorify Him.

My business is not about me. It is about the passion God has placed on my heart (flowers, a favorite of mine being foxglove) and the grace he so faithfully allows me to continually walk in (grace). So, in my attempt to love God more and serve people better, I give you

foxglove & grace